Need a easy drive speaker while I am traveling

I love the music so much, if I am going out for travel with my car for a few weeks, I can not stand without the I search a replacement way, the amplifier I can find is Yamaha r-N602 as it is a streamer amplifier and it is the jazz I love on that streamer, then I need to select a pair of speakers. Obviously it will be easy to drive and be best for vocal Jazz. Could anyone here to suggest something to me? Thanks very much.


Would closed headphone, in-ear monitors, or open headphones work?

or a car stereo?

I do  not use headphone, I will use it in the hotel room.

Be better to have small horn speaker or any other speaker.

I would just look into a good Bluetooth speaker like the offerings from Marshall, B&O or the B&W Zeppelin. 

Second the Marshall Bluetooth speakers.

they are exceptional in the Bluetooth category