need a dvd player recommendation..

mine bit the dust today. it was a 1.1 yr old denon so i do not want another of these. i am looking to spend $500 or less used and it needs to play cr-r and video cd. a multidisc player would be good but not a requirement. i listen mostly to music or watch concert dvds. for a processor, i will either use a denon avr-3802 or a b&k ref 20+ depending on which room this player ends up in. anyone tried the nad 572? how about the marantz? i do not need sacd. any help?
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The Philips 963 is a good choice. Retail price is $499 but it's available for less than $400 online. It's a single disc player, both very nice video and CD performance.
Look at the new Rotel RDV-1050. Excellent player for $500 retail.
A very inexpenisve option is the Pioneer DVD DV 563A, $180 MSRP but typically $150 online. It gives me 90% of my Denon DVD 3800 (which is filmlike on my Mitsubishi HDTV). Furthermore, it's a "universal player" - mulichannel SACD, DVD-Audio, CDR, etc...., quite versatile. However, the audio is "thin" which is to be expected for this price point (compared to the 3800 or Sony 9000ES but we're talking 5x the cost). However, if you crave excellent sonics AND picture, you might want to keep exploring other options.

I would also look at a Philips DVD963SA (that is, if you wants a good picture and good sound at a low cost). Otherwise, I would consider looking for a used Sony DVP-NS999ES.

If neither one of these suit your fancy, then I guess you may have to opt for a sub $200.00 Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony or Toshiba.

Unfortunately, in the world of DVD Players, it's either the "haves or the have nots". And what I mean by that is if it's great performance that you seek, then you may have to opt for a high-end machine like one of the Arcams, a Pioneer Elite machine or a Sony ES machine (and as you requested, Denon has been taken out of the running and therefore, has been eliminated from consideration). Otherwise, you may have to consider the low cost spreads from the likes of Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba (unless the Philips DVD963SA is more to your liking (and the Philips is in your price range as well)).

Good Luck!!!!!!

Fishcall, If you can utilize DVI connection, I'd look
into this V, Inc. Bravo D-1 player. $200.
Onkyo coming out with a new universal player. It has 14 bit pictures and upsampling sound. Spec wise, it is beter than the Philips 963 in mnay way; but at $400 range, definitely the Philips! Denon & Sony also makes some good universal players.
I am on my third turns out they don't like heat. Do you know why your Denon quit on you? I have always heard they are some of the best. I ended up installing a fan unit in the rear of my entertainment center to help vent my works MUCH cooler now. Good luck!
What kind of fan did you install in your cabinet and where did you get it?