Need a decent Bluetooth receiver

Putting together a system for my Daughters. I’ve got a Rega DAC which I love, and picked up a pair of Elac B6.2 speakers for cheap and I’m looking for a Rega Brio R.  Knowing my girls they’ll want to stream from there phones (they have an Audioengine D1 Bluetooth DAC now and are hooked on streaming Spotify) and the Rega obviously does not have a Bluetooth input.  Suggestions?  
Why buy an amp(Rega)& outboard DAC & BT Receiver when there are SO many killer "Control Amps"that have everything built in?A Quad Vena is $500.00 & has everything needed + will scale up in speakers a longgg way.
Yeah. I already have the Rega DAC 
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@markhh2 - I wanted to add Bluetooth Support to my Rega Saturn-R for convenience during my monthly music night with the guys. I've bought several different Bluetooth receivers and had marginal success. Most recent acquisition is an Auris BluMe. It's on the expensive side @ $119, but it is the best I've tried by a good margin. I ordered mine directly from Auris. Very happy with it.
i am missing something here.  Why can’t they continue to use the Audioengine as their BT DAC and connect it to the pre amp with it’s analog outs?
+1 on the Auris bluMe HD.