Need a center channel speake for KEF 107 surrounds

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I recently popped for the 134. Before this purchase (spensive toy) I was using two of the 107s as a center channel. Now, I can go to 7.1 and have the stuff to do it if I use the 107s as fronts, surrounds and rear surrounds. So, to continue the game, I need a center speaker. I am in too deep to consider changing out the 107s and buying surround speakers. The question is what would sound good as a center with the with the 107s. Recall, 107s are pre Uni-Q. In fact, I don't know if KEF made any surround stuff at all at the time 107s were being made.

Have you considered the KEF model 100 center channel? I was using it with my KEF 107's and it blended very nice with the 107's.
I use the Reference 100 center with 103/4 fronts for home theater. The Reference 100 is a Uni-Q center designed for the older Reference series speakers.
Thanks folks. Actually, I think the guy at KEF gave me the same advice. He said that the current model 100 or the 200 (w/more bass) would sound fine. I was afraid he was just tryin' to sell me something they had, rather than what would do best. So is a 'Reference 100' and a 'KEF model 100 center channel' the same speaker? Are these current models?
The 200 is in the same series with the KEF REF 2-4. The 100 is in the same series with the KEF REF 103-7. You can find the 100 on ebay most of the time.

And, yes the "model" and "ref" 100 are the same.