Need a cdp

my current cdp starting to fail. It fails to read the cd when inserted and just spins in the transport. Dont want to spend all that much on this technology but i do have a fair amount of cd'swhich i still enjoy. Basically looking for a decent cdp with limited funds. Any ideas appreciated.
Price range?
$500.00 give or take
Look for a sony 595, often sells for $60 at SonyStyle as a refurb. Great sound, great value. It also has SACD.
"My current cdp starting to fail. It fails to read the cd when inserted and just spins in the transport."

A Naim cdp per chance?
Out of curiosity, did you clean the lense. Just might work if you haven't.
Unless you really want a one-box replacement for the dying CDP a reasonable approach might be to buy a good DAC in the $300 range and the best CDP or DVD player you can find for $200 to use as a transport.

There are some remarkably good mid-priced DACs out there, likely better than the DAC you're going to find in most $500 CD players, and they don't have to be thrown away when the transport dies. And transports all die sooner or later.

I convinced one of my friends to buy a used Musical Fidelity VDAC v1 when I saw one here, for less then $200, and he was very pleasantly surprised that it sounded much better to him than the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb CD or Pioneer Elite universal player he'd spent considerable money on, using either of those as a transport through the VDAC.

You have to make sure there's a digital output on the transport that's the same type as the digital input on the DAC but that's about as complicated as the setup gets.
no i havnt tried cleaning the lens. will try that. yes i already have 2 dacs, a Schiit bifrost and an Emotiva., so i guess all i need is a transport. Was trying to simplify things by just buying a CDP. Is any dvd or CDP a good transport or does it not make a difference ?
A couple worth considering:

Emotiva ERC2 currently on sale for $400.

XTZ CD 100

I own both players (along with a Rega Apollo). Both excellent players. Track down the Emotiva review in Stereophile and the XTZ review in Hi Fi World.