Need a better cheap long cable than BetterCables

I have relocated my equipment such that my universal player (Marantz DV9500) is now with the rest of my equipment, 8 meters away from my TV. It and my multichannel processor is subservient to my two channel rig, but does feed into it. Before this change the DV9500 was feeding directly into my TV with short audio cables. Sounded and looked fine. Now when I just want convenient TV viewing the audio is being carried directly to my TV via an 8 meter run of BetterCables Silver Serpent. While the video looks as good as it ever did, the audio is not as good as when I was using a shorter run. Sounds closed down now, tunneled. Need to keep this configuration but would like recommendations on a cheap audio cable that, yes, is "just" for day to day TV viewing - but sounds better than what I'm getting from the Silver Serpents in that long length.
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You don't need new cables need a buffer.Try a BV Audio SR-10, Burson buffer, MF buffer or the Decware buffer. This will cure the problem no new cable can fix.
You don't need new cables need a buffer.

My God, I actually have one of these! Haven't used it in years. I'll give it a try.

You may be right, but I did notice that even over this length there were differences. When I compared cables for this purpose I was looking primarily for no observable impact to the video. I tried the Silver Serpents and the Blue Jeans offerings. I chose the SS because IMO it offered slightly better video transmission, but I do remember that the Blue Jeans cables did sound a bit better for the audio side. The difference wasn't so great that I was bowled over, so I chose the SS bundle.

Easy enough to try the buffer, though. All I have to do now is FIND it!