Need a 3 meter IC- not bright- suggestion please

I recently picked up a Bryston HPA-1 headphone amp. I'll be running it off of the tape out from my Pass XP20. I need a 3 meter or 10 foot IC to hook up the 2. Right now I'm using a DH Labs BL-1 cable which to my ears is a tad bright. Looking for something truly neutral. The headphones I use are Beyerdynamic T1, 2nd gen., Hifiman HE560 and Sennheiser HD 600s. I have an OTL tube headphone amp that mates really well with the HD600's so that's not really a consideration. I  do have another tube headphone amp, which I use interchangeably with the BHA-1, so I would like something that would mix and match well.

Not willing to spend a mint. I suppose if I had to put a dollar figure, I really don't want to spend more than $400. If price were not a consideration I would likely choose Analysis Plus solo crystals (I'm a big fan of OCC cables)

The Audience Ohno cables fit my price range. I've got experience with their AU24's which I like, but I have not heard the Ohnos.

suggestions please? 

Thank you! 
If you are a fan of OCC cables, I recommend you take a look at Audio Sensibility.

VH Audio's Symmetry All-Copper XLRs are a good choice; I've had them for years and have a 4-meter pair that is fully broken in that could be available for sale at a very reasonable price; contact me for details.  These cables are full range but definitely not bright at all and I've found they perform on par with similar cables from other manufacturers that cost more.  You should also consider some entries in the Kimber and Audience me on in-mail with any further questions.
 Cardas Golden Cross (or plain non-Golden Cross, but the Golden is better, with more refinement/ease).