need a $200-$300 interim amp


I currently have an old hafler 220 I have been borrowing to test the bryston bp-20 I got off of audiogon. I need to return it and would like to know if anyone had any suggestions as to a good $200-$300 amp out there that would match well and to tie me over till I am ready to get ready to buy the 4bst. I have looked into buying the hafler but wouldn't mind trying something different.

Many Thanks

Suggest you consider Van Alstine, most likely a used one to achieve your 200-300 objective. One of the company's origins was modding the Hafler amps 25 years ago. Their newer models will convince you to save the money, not waste it on the bryston and just end up keeping the Van Alstine. If you choose to go new, They are a direct seller only. We are a dealer and could assist you with information or the transaction but ultimately you would go direct to Frank. I would encourage to make a phone call, it costs almost nothing to visit with him and he's a wealth of information.

Best Wishes on your Quest, Paul
Look around for a used B&K ST140. I have seen them for 275 - 400. They are great amps and tend to sell very quickly. You may like it so much, you will forget about getting a Bryston at all.
Read the post above titled "What's the best Amp you know of? " He talks about the ART SLA-1 Studio Linear Amplifier in your price range. Maybe it won't be just an interim.


If you want something easy to find and good value I'd suggest any of the Rotel amps that are in your price range. There are a couple of RB980BX's on Audiogon now that would probably do the trick.
I'll second the Rotel suggestion. As Sfar stated, easy to find and a good value.
Parasound HCA 1000A
Hello all,

Does anyone here think a $400 Acurus A200 is a good candidate?

Thanks Again