Need a 2 channel amp for rear speakers 7.1

System includes a Lexicon MC-8B, Theta Dreadnaught 5x200+ and Infinity Intermezzo 4.1 front and rear, 2.6 sides and 3.5 front.

Any suggestions on a two channel amp for the rear 4.1 speakers?


why not get a good amp for your fronts and let the 5 channel do the work in the rear.
Are you suggesting that the Theta Dreadnaught is not worthy?
no, it maybe a good home theater amp, but a stereo amp can provide better power. i have an anthem mca 50 that is 185 wpc continously and i just bought a krell ksa-50s stereo amp that made such a big difference that i cant believe it. wasnt a knock against your present amp, just giving you my opinion.
You could by another Theta and biamp your L & R mains and center with one. And the rest with the other. If I am not mistaken you can buy the Thetas with 2 to 5 channels.
I use a Bel Canto S-300 for my surrounds, excellent sounding amp with 150wpc from the size of a dictionary and doesn't get hot. Size allows placement anywhere and performance will be tough to be for the price range.
Perhaps I wasn't clear about my system. When listening to music, I almost always listen to a dedicated 2 channel tube system.

Also the Dreadnaught can with the push of a button become a 2 channel amp.
That's one of the cool things about it. That huge power supply which is capable of handling 5 channels is cruising on 2.
Thanks for all your responses.

My father has a Lexicon system and added a Rotel for the center back speakers.