Need a 100 WPC Integrated Tube amp, reco's please?

My speakers and room space require more more, currently working on 35wpc integrated tube amp, sounds nice but not enough to drive my VR speakers.

Any recommendation for a good quality integrated tube amp that puts out atleast or near 100 wpc? Was recommended by the VR company that 35wpc will not be enough. Currently looking at the Jolida 1000RC but she's a huge beauty beast. Any other recommendation? New/Used my budget is $1,500 to $2k.

Are you certain you need 100 tube watts? That would be an awfully powerful integrated amp, if one is even built to such standards. Are your speakers biwireable? If so, you could use your existing tube integrated to run the upper frequencies, and a solid state amp for the lower end. That's a frequently used setup to get the best of tube and solid state power.

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Yes, actually there is a 100 wpc amp from Jolida, the 1000RC priced at around 2 1/2 k. I dont want to use Solid State been there done that, not interested. I love the beautiful sound of the tubes.

Rogue Cronus is a good option as well
Why are you looking exclusively at tube options? What kind of music do you like to listen to?

If you really need 100wpc I'd highly recommend a Portal Panache if you don't mind not having a remote. It's not tubes, but it is a damn fine integrated and right in your budget, and is quite versatile to boot. I have not heard the Jolida you are considering, but have enjoyed two other products of their (302B and 502B). I was not as crazy about the 1500, which was easily bested by the Panache in my system. Another excellent route would be to find a used Unison Unico amp, which come up occasionally used in your price range. They are hybrid integrated with a tube in the pre stage. I've heard the standard Unico and it is an excellent amp. I believe it's around 80wpc.

Good luck.

Try finding a JJ Electronics 828. They put out 70 wpc. It is made by the tube manufacturer JJ Electronic, so they know something about tubes. I have one in my second system, and like it, plus it's quite attractive. There were a couple people importing them a while ago, but I haven't seen much on them lately. Their website is:
The Cayin 100T puts out 100wpc but runs about $2,700. The 70T only has 55wpc in ultralinear but it cost about $1K less than the 100T. Both come with remotes. I agree with you, the Rogue Cronus is a great option but I believe it's only around 55WPC. I purchased the Cayin 100T and I'm happy (for now).
My only option is Tube amp wont do SS. Thanks