Need 5 disc Changer....Onkyo or integra???

Looking for a Great cd changer that has Coax and Optical outputs.
Has anyone heard the Onkyo DX 390?
or the Integra CD-C3.4 with the Wolfson Dac. Not sure if that would help being that I will hook-up to a PS Audio III Dac?)
I already listened to the Marantz changer, but was not impressed.

i'm a big fan of the integra changers (which are actually 6-disc)--very quiet, smooth mechanism, bulletproof and good sounding. i still frequently use a cdc 3.1, which is often available for next-to-nothin on ebay, but i believe only has an optical out. i haven't heard your onkyo model, but my experience is that the integras are built to a significantly higher standard.
I own the Onkyo DX390 6 disk player. It sounds Ok for the money, a lttle noisey when changing disks on shuffle play but i've had Onkyo products and they are well built and reliable.The Integra would be a better choice if i knew about it. But for the price the 390 does the trick.
Wait, and buy a Sony 595, as refurb from SonyStyle, shipped for $60. The bonus is that it will do SACD's and has optical outs. Many have been pleased, not only for the sound but the ton of money they saved.