Need 1984 SONY CDP 701 ES repaired

I have a Sony CD player from 1984, model CDP 701ES that needs repair. The disc tray extends out and stops - with a disc it retracts into the machine - and that is all. There is a red LED that indicates the player does not recognize the disc is there. I doubt the laser is damaged, the player never had that much use. Why bother? Because this player (otherwise) is in pristine condition without a mark on it. To a collector it must have some value. Any thoughts?
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There is a red LED that indicates the player does not recognize the disc is there

Just throwing this out there, but is the disk a normal one and not a cd-r or SACD ?

If you plan on keeping the player, have you thought or tried to contact Sony ?
3 reasons to scrap it:
1-the cost of a repair will probably be more than buying a used ES 15-20 years newer.
2-DAC's have come a long way in 25 years. You won't believe the difference.
3-How long until something else goes?

Sony's are nice but 25 year old cd players of any brand aren't worth fixing.
I'm with Elevick; it's truly not worth trying to repair it. And I seriously doubt there are many older CD players that are "collector's items". Maybe a California Audio Labs Tempest, but that's pushing it.

My advice is to simply replace it with a used Sony, Denon, Music Hall, NAD, Jolida, Rotel or the like that's a more recent vintage. I think you're going to see a very significant improvement in the sound.

Some, if not all, CD players from that era typically do not recognize the first and last track of modern CD's. Try selecting Track 2 and see if that works.

As others have stated, a 25 year old CD player really doesn't have any intrinsic value regardless of its pristine condition.

Digital to Analog (DAC) technology has improved tremendously. The DAC used in the CDP 701ES can't compare to even mid-range CD players manufactured today, in terms of audio reproduction.
Let it go and buy new on the edge of the curve, e. g. Oppo 83SE.

Have you sale your CDP-701 need repairs

I possible interest


I still have the SONY CDP 701ES. Contact me. 845 896 9439.
hej guys! Have you ever heard this machine?

Is the player still available by any chance?

Ragards, Robert