Need $1500 integrated amplification suggestions...

Some units on the radar:

Cary SLI-80 or F1
Classe 2100
Red Wine Audio 30.2
CODA integrated
Musical Fidelity A5

Any others worth considering? I am going a different direction in my system (downgrading amplification) and upgrading my speakers. I currently have a Tyler Linbrook Sig System, and will be going to the new Decade line, which are easier to drive, and more tube-friendly. I am looking for musical, easy to listen to, detailed, and full. Not overly bloomy, nor dry. And, I don't need a ton of power: 50wpc is plenty for these 8-ohm speakers.

Budget (new or used) is $1500. Tubes or Solid-state is OK: I just want a nice sound. Most $1500 (used) integateds sound pretty darn good.
Short list:
Rega Brio
Exposure 2010S
Naim Nait
Shigaraki by 47 Labs
the ARC and Cary on your list are the winners!!
solid state will sound different than vacuum tubes. I own the SIM i-1 integrated amplifier and can recommend it. Read the reviews to see if you're interested in auditioning it. I found that, unlike tubes, I didn't have to "baby" it; rather you can forget about it and focus on the music. good luck in your search.
I've owned the VSi-55 and the RWA Sig 30, not the 30.2. Of these two I liked the ARC better. It had great power, a really deep 3D soundstage and solid build quality. I found with my setup it wasn't as transparent as I wanted--only complaint. People tell me I need to go a few steps up the ARC line to get the transparency I want. Some day I just might.

The RWA is a great little amp but in the end I just didn't listen to as much music. A friend of mine suggested that maybe battery wasn't the way for me to go. Sounds weird but it lacked a certain energy, almost too calm. Not dry but no bloom at all. I wouldn't get in to battery gear again without an extended audition.

You should take these thoughts lightly because so much is system dependent and there are many folks connected to ears that love both of these. If resale matters, ARC has much better resale value.
I think the Rogue Cronus should be on your list too...
What about the VAC Avatar? Might be a little pricey, but a good unit?
Musical Fidelity A308 intergrated amp.Hard to find but an excellent piece and great value.
I have the Tyler Sig's and I'm driving them with the Manley Stingray.
The sound is good no matter if it's rock, jazz, electronic etc.
I'm happy with the combo.
Just my 2 cents.
I would recommend either Classe or Naim. Both have excellent int. amps. Used price might be even less than $1500. If you don't like them, you can sell them for close to or maybe even more than you paid. Terry
Hey, what about a used Cayin! Great sound, great value. Try the 100. You will be pleased. If not, easy to sell and move on to something else.
You might also want to check out Pathos and/or Bel Canto. Two very different approaches - two very successful implementations. I own both, have used each with a slew of different speakers, and have been very happy all around.

You can't go wrong with the SLI-80 and even you don't like it you can resell it easily. I think you can do better than the MF and the Classe products IME.
For something completely about a Quad 909 and 99 preamp? Musical and reliable...will also allow easier future upgrade. Can pick up the pair for under $1500 easy.
I have an Avatar SE and have no regrets. It was a clear step up from the Vsi-55 for me. Sometimes I think it has less bass, other times I think the bass quality is just better. It certainly has better clarity, soundstage, and is much more transparent in my system. My speakers are Verity Tamino 89db 8ohm min 6.8, not too hard to drive.
In the end it is more $$ than the others you are looking at but I bounced around a bit too much before settling on the VAC. Call it learning or foolishness. I haven't heard your speakers but can vouch for this amp.
A bunch of good ideas here. A used Plinius 9100 if available is another good choice. Also, anything used in that price range from Blue Circle...
I believe TY is using the NAD M3 integrated with his products.
Use either a Soundquest SQ 88 tube integrated 55wpc or Plinius 8200MK2 175 wpc with by Linbrook System 2s

and use either Consonance Cyber Sig 100 50 wpc tube integrated or Portal Panche 100 wpc with my Taylo 7Us

Enjoy them all with the Tylers, though have become more partial to tubes
I believe TY is using the NAD M3 integrated with his products.
Rumadian (Answers)

Ty has used alot of different Integrateds with his speakers. Jolida SET, Coda, Plinius, NAD, Decco, etc... He really liked the Coda and Jolida but I dont think he has a clear cut favorite.
save $500 more and buy a used jrdg concentra...built like a tank and sonics that I've been very happy living with. I also second the plinius suggestion.
I heard he was partnered with a guy showing Parasound at RMAF.