need 15 foot IC's any suggestions?

I liked the Kimber PB&J IC's very much.
For years, they have gone between my 565 Adcom and my CC-2 Audionics, making great music together.
The monoblocks are being delivered in the morning and I am now in need of a set of 15 foot (could easily use 20 footers) IC's.

Knowing that I like the sound of the PB&J's and that I have done zero cable listening in 10 years...what would any of you suggest on a tight budget?
I need to be able to build or buy the IC's for 70 or less.

We used to build them with the Mogami Microphone cable with great results...anyone doing similar things lately? If I recall, some of you were using CAT5 with decent results also.
I searched in the for sale section, but could not find longer cables in my price range...might be a good filter to add on to that section.
I got a great deal on ebay for a 15' length of Zu Mission (new, from them) for about half of what they'd normally go for. That, and the guy who designed them used to work for Kimber, heading one of the design teams before going to Zu.

Worth a try.

All the best,
Check out they sell DIY cables
Balanced would be better for that distance, if possible.
I have balanced 6 meter interconnect (anti-cable) Respond back if interested
For that length of cable, balanced is definitely prefered; however, if you don't have balanced in/ouputs all around, I'd just make my own cables. I'd suggest a higher gauge for that long of a run. I would buy at least 60 ft of 18 or 20 gauge silver teflon off of eBay (there are a couple sets of 500' for $100 right now, but you might be able to find 100' for the same price/ft). Just cut/prep 3 20' lengths, mark one as the conductor and braid them. You can get some decent connectors for about $3 a piece. Solder the marker wire to the center pin and the other two to the side-wall of the connector. You can even buy copper shielding if you have EMI/RFI issues. It's not too difficult and should sound somewhere in between short runs of Kimber PBJ and KCAG.

If you want that cable, but don't want to go through the effort, send me an email, and I'd be happy to make it if for the cost of the parts plus shipping. I'm positive you could make that happen for at or under your budget.
Thanks to each one of you for responding.

I sure wish we all lived closer. (Anyone for chipping in on an audio island? Ya know, where you need to pass a hearing test before you are allowed to set foot on it?) ;>)
Wait, strike that. We might have duels in the street over water filled silver speaker cable and whose sorbethane discs sound best...

I do not have balanced, but I appreciate the offers.

JAZZERDAVE, your idea has really intrigued me. I intend to look into it!
Let me know if you need any help.

Also, if you want to finish off your cable and make it look nicer, check out They have absolutely tons of sleeving and shrinkwrap, including plenty of options for shielding (if it's necessary). Most of the stuff is cheaper than you find at audio-specific parts shops, and there's a wider selection.
BRAND NEW Wireworld Equinox 6 XLR 4 Meter
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Construction: DNA™ Helix
Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast copper
Insulation: Composilex™
Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper
Connectors: Silver Tube™
Termination: XLR
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