Need $1000 used tube preamp - Please help???

Any suggestions on a good used tube preamp under $1000.

My system:
B&W 802 nautilus speakers
Mcintosh 402 solid state amp
bel canto DAC 3
mac mini

I was thinking potentially of the:
CJ PV-8 or 10
Rogue 66
Cary SLP 308
dared MC-7P.

Any suggestions on what is the best tube preamp to get with my system or your thoughts on the preamp if you heard any of them? - would be greatly appreciated? Thanks!
You might be able to find a Modwright SWL9.0SE for about that price. That would be my recommendation. The CJ or Cary would be my next choice(s).
You may want to consider a Melos GK1, a dual mono tube preamp.
There is a used Audible Illusions Modulus 3 tube preamp for sale here for around 700.00 I think.
+1 on the Modwright, with one proviso. It's not a "tubey" sound like an older CJ. A real value leader, IMO, and having bought other products from Dan Wright, I can tell you that his rep is right on the mark, a real class act if you every need service. Might be a tad over your price point, but worth spending an extra c note or 2.
anyone heard the dared MC-7P? chinese made, but heard its pretty good.
You can score a Jolida Fusion for around that price...the Needle Doctor has one...balanced ins and outs, remote...etc.
CJ PV-10 without a doubt. Wonderful amp with warm. Original. Golden CJ sound. I have the 10 and the 14 and they are really great preamps.
I have a CJ PV-10 that I have used for the past 5 years and think it sounds great with a ss amp. The phono stage is outstanding. The Audible Illusions is a great buy for 700. I have been thinking of selling or trading the CJ, let me know if you are interested.