Necessary Attire

Every audiophool needs a pair of these to wear when evaluating components at your local dealer.

These will spike the listener to the floor ensuring a solid foundation ;^)
I just use my golf shoes with metal spikes. A bed of nails works well for evaluating subwoofers.
Keep it simple: Just nail your feet to the floor. Superglue also works well -- you'll never be out of the sweet spot ;-) Hmmm, bed of nails for sub-woofers -- could work.
Decidedly retro and low tech, suitable only for listening to vintage gear. You really need to step up to a pair of these:

You'll notice they provide both stereo and mono versions. The detachable spur on the back is presumably for surround sound.
Yes, those are much nicer!
Actually i'm looking for a concrete chair and trousers with spikes in the seat. Preferably facing out!
Nrchy: Are the spikes facing "out" of the concrete seat or "out" of the seat of the pants??? BIG difference : ) Sean
I use a sterotactic frame for the skull, like they use for brain surgery, mounted to a one ton military surplus rocket sled seat when listening critically. But those spikes pressing into my head give me a headache after awhile.

However, the soundstaging and imaging are superb!