NEC 602 ext drive has a digital out. Any others?

Brands, links and your experiences with these drives as transports are welcomed. Thank you.
Sitting here right now listening to a NEC 602 at my computer desk, fed into a CI Audio VDA1 via a $20 Wireworld UV3 coax cable. Accompanying are: CI Audio VPC1 passive pre and McCormack Micro Power Drive, AE Aegis One monitors, Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cables, Alpha Core Goertz Micro Purl Copper and Signal Cable Analog 2 ICs.

I brought this home from the storeroom at work when I heard the "flavor of the month" crowd crowing about it, and it's actually pretty decent. It aquits itself well for an external CD-ROM drive from 1995. It's demeanor is smooth, perhaps lacking in the detail department. Pretty relaxing. I expected exactly the opposite.

The caddy mechanism and weak controls on the front are obvious putoffs, but for a little deck on the desk, I'd say it'd be worth the $20 or so you'd probably spend to get one including delivery -- but not any more given what else a dollar brings. It's no giant killer - the giddiness of those who discovered it is probably more over the fact that it works and actually works decently. It fits under my monitor stand, a plus. I've been playing exclusively CDRs in it tonight, no problems.