Neat Jazz Music Review Site

I was searching for something on the internet and came across this site that reviews obscure and rare jazz albums. This is, IMHO, a great way to find new stuff. Are there any other great music review sites out there?
thanks, nice site

I Found a great WebSIte .... Have you ever wondered if the Tracks on a CD are to your liking? This website has practically every CD made and partial sample tracks. Now you can be your best Reviewer. ...I have a couple of CDsin my collection that have supposed positive reviews... But the Music was just not my cup of tea. No More... I listen 1st then Buy!
Thanks Jmesarch. Glad you enjoyed it Phil.

Here are three more music review sites, some of which include the opportunity to listen -- this goes beyond jazz:
Below is a link that has a ton of new independent artists... almost all have tracks available to preview. Some interesting search categories as well...
What a great site! Thanks Audiofankj.
If you're looking for new stuff, Bob's top 25 list always has a lot of winners.

Not sure who/what is behind it, but worth checking out