Neat Iota Alpha and Iota Xplorer. Has anyone owned or auditioned either one??.

Downsizing speakers and system and it would be nice to have smaller speakers that are not necessarily monitors or bookshelf monitors. I saw an ad on line for Neat speakers made in England, especially the Iota Alpha (1995.00)  Has anyone owned or auditioned this speaker or its bigger brother the "Iota Xplorer at  $4995  Seem a huge jump in price from the lower model in this series regardless that it is a three way system with better drivers and electronics in the crossover

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Hey. I actually own Neat Iota Explorers and I do love them. They have high definition AMT treble speakers and hard hitting isobaric bass. Sound is definitely alive but I would say on the cold side. Currently these are paired with Musical Fidelity transistor amplifier (which is also on a bright side and only amplifier I have), but I really would like to test how they sound with hybrid amplifiers (Vincent for example) which should be warmer. These are not purely audiophile speakers (as Harbeths, which I also own) but more universal. I really enjoy listening electronics on these Neats. Sound is wide and big. Downside is that they do sound best on relatively high sound level, so if you like listen music on low volume this is no the best choice. Also these speakers have low sensitivity so pretty powerful amplifier will be needed. And they do look good in the interior :) 
I purchased a pair of Iota Alphas for my daughter, an apartment-dwelling opera singer. She loves them. I am a big fan of polydirectional speakers and reflected sound for acoustic and classical music and the Alphas sound great. The ribbon tweeter is crisp and clear but not harsh.

These speakers are very small, just 19" tall but they produce a really large sound. The most unexpected feature is the amazing bass for such a small speaker, although you will want to put something hard under them if placing on carpet.