Nearfield speakers for rock/amplified music?

99% of my music listening is sitting at my computer while working. I listen mostly to instrumental fusion which is often dynamic and dense. I had been using Genelec powered studio mixing monitors for the last year or so. They handle the dynamics and power of the music well, and they are not fatiguing. So I just switched over to a pair of Krix Equinox, and I'm really liking the improved imaging and the sort of emotional energy (you know that felling of excitement that grabs you in the chest that the monitors lack). But on the denser recordings they get a little lost or overpowered (these speakers really excel for delicate, sparce recordings of female voice, or more acoustic music, but that's not what I listen to.) So now I'm back to thinking I need an improved set of Hi Fi bookshelf system, rather than the studio monitors. Problem is that the speakers would be backed into the corner of the room up against the wall and right next to my 30" monitor. Not exactly ideal placement for a good bookshelf speaker.

Any recommendations on options? Who makes a good bookshelf that can handle all the density and power of the amplified music I listen to, but do so musically? and perform in this placement? My speaker budget is $600-1000 used, but I could probably find more $ if the solution is right. I'm using a 50x2 Rotel power amp, that could easily be replaced with something in the future.
NHT S-00 and NHT M-00 - you can find these new for $750 and you can adjust the presentation for your listening setup (being in a corner you may want to move the sub out a bit). The sub will allow you to dial in more bass for emotional energy. I am familiar with the newer Genelec actives and I know why they are not fatiguing - it is beauce they are extremely accurate (but they are bass limited which is why the M-00 is perhaps a better option for you)

A word of caution - emotional energy/excitemnet that grabs you in teh chest often means a colored presentation that will sell easily in a demo but will have you tired/fatigued very quickly.

The best speakers do not always sound the best in a qucik comparison - often the "hyped" speaker will be chosen (more emotional/detailed) and the unlucky listener will go home only to discover the fatiguing nature of the hyped speaker with extended listening.

I am using the Genelec 7050 subwoofer with my 1029 monitors, no bass complaints. Would the less expensive NHT system be an improvement?

I was also looking at the DAS Monitor 6. It is a Spanish passive monitor that's gotten very good reviews.

Also considering Totem Rainmaker, but I've heard mixed reviews about how they handle rock, and challenged placements.
Era 4 loudspeakers are rather nifty for the money $600 approx
I am using the Genelec 7050 subwoofer with my 1029 monitors, no bass complaints. Would the less expensive NHT system be an improvement?

Certainly of equal quality. The NHT's are more emotional for sure - warmer than the Genelec's.