Near Full Range, Highly efficient Stand Monitors?

Okay just curious, who builds a very efficient, maybe 95 db or better monitor/bookshelf type speaker, maybe with at least an 8" driver that goes reasonably deep into the 30 hz ranges?
Seems most would be rated around only 45 hz or up, most single driver designs in a small cabinet even vented would not go very low.. Anything? Even down to about 38 hz or so with a stable 8 ohm load, having some actual bass output?

I'd suggest you look at Reimer speakers, but I'm not sure they are still in production. I haven't seen any ads for them recently.

I have an early version of the McCullough model that I'd like to sell. You can contact me via email if you want to learn more
Hi Undertow,

Without significant boundary reinforcement (like corner loading), no bookshelf-sized speaker is going to give you 95 dB/1 watt and an honest -3 dB "deep into the 30 Hz range".

A very low damping factor tube amp will get you closer assuming it's a good match for the speakers, but still won't get you all the way there.

Imho the cold, harsh reality is that you'll have to juggle tradeoffs. Something's gotta give.

Yeah I figured, thats why I asked the question.. Larger speakers will be needed I am sure, or add a subwoofer. I saw these Audionote designs but they are bigger than a bookshelf for sure, and cost a pretty penny... Some new Hemp designed deal, suppose to be 98 db and down into the 30's, but about 3 ft tall still I think.
UnderTow why not check out dukes speakers? Only 8in I know of that can give bass to 35hz in Med cab is fostex f200a but at only 90db 1 watt. F200a can still be used with some larger SET amps.
Well in all honesty this was more a general question rather than for a purchase, and I would not mind playing with a nice small speaker for fun, but it would need to be pretty cheap.. in the 400 range or so used.. Otherwise its not justified to me to have them as a hobby project or just keeping them around to have for a studio type setup when I want to use them.
Reference 3 A MM de Capos- killer and just one cap as a crossover to the tweeter, biwire/biampable. Huge sound stage.
even many bigger boxes don't really go into the 30's
I have been surprised with the bass out of my Dynaudio Special 25's. Stereophile measured them at 89 db/1w and the impedence is around 6 ohms. They say 15w for a small space. I have to attenuate my preamp due to excessive volume.
See thread above titled: "Pros and Cons of built-in amps?"
Hoffman's iron law states that the efficiency of a system is proportional to its cabinet volume and inversely proportional to the cube of its cutoff frequency.

If you could make a bookshelf speaker 95dB efficient at 60Hz, maintaining the same efficiency at 30Hz would require 8X the volume which you could get from doubling each of its measurement.

You'd really be better off with a floor stander that has the same footprint (it can pickup nearly 6dB from the floor) or separate sub-woofer (which can have boost from operating into a smaller space and/or a big amplifier to compensate for the small box).
Dear Drew, True in most circumstances until you discover a properly designed transmission line and flat piston driver. Manufacturers tend to ignore such a complex implementation in favor of ports and infinite baffles. These are much easier and cheaper to make and are what the public are accustomed to expect. Subwoofers are now popular with the home theater crowd but for those of us serious about our critical listening habits they are too difficult to integrate properly into a seamless whole with disparate components and untreated rooms.