Near Field Tower for small room

Hi, I'm looking for ideas for a pair of speakers to be used in a small 2 channel room I have set up. The room is 10'X10' and the speakers would be roughly 6' apart and about 6-7' from the (one) listening position. I prefer towers over monitors with stands and they can be either 2 or 3 way. I have a sub (Sunfire True Sub Jr) I could use, if needed, to fill in the low bass. Depending on which speakers I end up with, I have either a vintage (restored) Scott 299B tube integrated or a pair of Rega Exon amps with Rega Hal preamp I could use. I'm looking for good depth and width of soundstaging and a speaker that can disappear into the small room they'll be used in. Media t be used are vinyl, cds, and even (original)reel to reel tapes. I prefer pre-owned and looking at speakers anywhere from $500-1700. Speakers I'm thus far considering are Silverlines, Triangles, Thiels, and possibly KEF Uni-Que series speakers. I'm open to other suggestions as well. Thanks, in advance!
I see you asked this same question a year ago. Did you ever get something or were your plans put on hold? Are you ready for a change?
Either way, my advice is get these. I have a pair in a small room and have tried to replace them several times but they just keep finding their way back in. Most recent replacement was a pair of Thiel 1.6s which stayed for about two months before losing out to the Kestrels.
I don't know the seller of the speakers in the ad so beware.
Nice options you're considering.

You might want to consider the OHM Micro Walsh Tall also.
I have a 12' X 11' room, monitors work best for me. However I have tried a couple of floorstanders. the best I have found are Totem Arros and Devore Fidelity Gibbon 8. Epos M16i did a pretty good job too.

Unlike Timhru, I found the Meadowlarks did not work well at all in that amount of space. The transmission line and sloped baffle seems to need more room/feet to the listening spot. They worked much better in my larger den.
I had to find speakers for a small room and couldn't live with the bass of monitor types. I ended up with Audio Physics Sparks floor standers. They are made for nearfield listening and worked great for me. Mine are the older model with the ring radiator tweeter. I have seen them go for price you mentioned.