Near field listening bliss

I rearranged my hifi gears so I can listen near field to speakers right above my head lying down, and I am in bliss... Anyone else doing this - listening to near field speakers that are not near field and enjoying more this way?

My next question is how do near field speakers sound when listened to from far? I came across ridiculously good sounding computer speaker for mere $99 (Edifier 1280) and was wondering how they would sound from far?

They were probably made for near field if I am not mistaking, but I want to give them to my niece just getting married who obviously is not an audiophile but adores music and probably would get some enjoyment out of them.

Please enlighten me as I am not good with these things although I have loved music and hifi all of my adult life...

Stay safe everyone now...

As a kid with my first stereo it was fun to hear how different things sounded moving the speakers around. Radio Shack speakers, little bedroom, learned a lot. Like right on the floor, great bass. Sometimes would lay on the floor with the speakers right in front of me. Or sometimes to either side almost like headphones.  

I could tell you how they'll sound but that would spoil all the fun and besides, you never really know until you try.
A friend put decent quality 3" drivers in 3.5" cubes and ran them from a $29 T-amp. They sounded amazing in the room and out of this world in a 3 feet equilateral.