NEAR 50 me speakers impedance?

Does anyone know how near 50me mk1 speakers are rated?
My wife and I own a pair of the Near 50se MKII. The impedance of the MKII is 8 ohms, with a sensitivity of 86db/1 watt. This is different from the 1st generation which had a sensitivity of 90db/1 watt. The cause for the change was work on the crossover that reduced a slight midbass hump. The speakers are very easy to drive. I have used 90 watt integrated amps with them with good results (Anthem Integrated 2) as well as larger amps (Mesa Baron and Adcom 5802) also with good to excellent results
I do not know anything about the Mk. I. The N.E.A.R. website is You should be able to write to Bill Kieltyka for the answer to your question. I was told by Bill that the Mk. II has a nominal 8 ohm impedance that does not dip below 6.5. BTW, I love my Mk. II's, they are driven successfully by 60 watt OTL amps that are not compatible with low impedance speakers. God bless.