NBS Signature or Fim Gold Interconnects

I Have NBS Signature INT 15F,i have the Gryphon Tabo int,
Emc1 cd player Wilson Act1s.i have herd a lot about the
Fimm gold has eney one compaird the two..
I don't know about the Signature line. I use the NBS Statement and FIM Gold interconnects along with Nordost Valhalla. In my opinion the FIM are a touch darker and slower than the NBS and Nordost. The NBS and Nordost are almost interchangable in my system. In that the Signature is a lower class interconnect from NBS I would asume the FIM will be a step up in detail, imaging and treble extension.
If you want specific thoughts please write me, I'd be happy to share more.
I switched from NBS Monitor I speaker cables to the FIM Gold speaker cables. The FIM were superior in every way. Greater detail in all ranges (the bass is amazingly clear); darker background, more dynamic, better resolution; the soundstage was deeper and more realistic. I still use the NBS Monitor I XLR interconnects, but I will switch to FIM Gold when I find a good used pair. Needless to say, try before you buy. Matching cables with components should always be tested first. The FIM Gold's need about 200 hours (even on used cables) before they really sound the way they were meant to sound. They are also the stiffest cable I've ever had and take a long time to bend. But it's worth the effort. In my system, I have found the speaker cable to keep.