NBS Monitor I vs NBS Omega I - worth the upgrade?

Has anyone upgraded their NBS interconnects from the Monitor I to the Omega I? What are the differences? Is it worth the price of the upgrade?
Can't comment on the I, but I went from Monitor 0 to Omega (the top of the line Omega), and I believe the differences are supposed to be similar throughout the line. Differences were a more extended, but less thick bass region, which gives the cable more neutrality and speed down there, my principal criticism, if any, of the Monitor 0; much more transparency in the midrange, a byproduct of losing the slightly bloated bass, I think; much more natural, open and extended highs, where the Monitor sounded a little rolled off; and an unbelievably low noise floor, which lets more ambient cues and other low-level information through. And, at least at my level, the Omega was substantially thicker (1-3/4 inch holes in my floor to get it through--my wife LOVES that!) and much stiffer and bulkier than the Monitor, if you can believe it, although it will stay the way you bend it. Worth the price of the upgrade? In my system, absolutely, on an admittedly subjective basis--it is the best cable, along with the Siltech Compass Lake, I've ever used, a clear level of improvement over its predecessor, and getting it for the upgrade price is a nice and fair deal, given the pricing of cables these days.
I upgraded from the Statement 111 to the Statement extreme
(similar technology to the Omega).It converted a great cable to an outstanding cable.The previous statment 111
clearly outperformed the Valhalla's which it replaced,and the Extremes transformed my system to yet again another level.The upgrades added more life to the music, speed
dynamics and harmonic saturation improved over what was already an outstanding cable.