NBS Monitor 4's?

I am considering purchasing some NBS Monitor 4's (biwired). Has anyone ever used these? Can anyone give me some advice on these? Opinions? I listened to some of the new Omegas and they were fantastic. The vocals were right down the center and the clarity was beautiful. Anyone know if the Monitor 4's will display similar qualities? Currently I am using FMS cables. I am using a Pass X150 amp, Monarchy audio MC22 DAC, and a Marantz dv18 for a transport. Speakers are Paradigm Reference. Thanks!!
I used the NBS Monitor 4 speaker cables for over a year and very happy with the musical sound. I just upgraded to the NBS Omega 4 and I am even more happy with the sound. Coupled with new NBS interconnects, the Omega's have more detail (clarity) and a more balanced sound. The cables are fairly new and may not be fully broken-in yet.

I would recomend the NBS Monitor 4's. NBS also has an upgrade program (see ad).
If the differences between Monitor 0 and the Omega interconnects are an indication (I made the upgrade and am VERY impressed at how good they are, and that's even before they've fully broken in), the Monitor series is a little warmer and less extended in the highs than the Omega, but still a very fine, rich cable that has a lot of detail. I would recommend them.