NBS monitor 2 vs Omega 3 for Wadia 12 DAC

I have been looking for an upgrade in my system. Either the interconnect between TT and amp or a power cable. Now I came across 2 secondhand NBS power cables.

The NBS Omega 3 and the NBS Monitor 2, in the past I borrowed a NBS active 2 from a dealer and I liked that one a lot but that cable was way out of my price range. So I started to look at 2nd hand NBS power cables. I never see the active series come up 2nd hand I do see many monitor and every now and the an Omega series cable come up.

So does anyone here have advise what the better cable would be for my Wadia 12, that is connected to my CEC TL51x and which of of the 2 Omega or Monitor is closer to the Active series.