NBS Black Label

Anyone with listening experience or owning NBS Black Label. Pls give me feedback re their sonic character. Are they worth the price?
Yes, they are the best I have heard. I have heard the Elrod yet. NBS excel in solid midrange with body & weight that no PC ever come close. With the BL, it is extremely quiet also which is the major improvement from the older NBS cables. You only need one in the system.
Hello Alleung. Since last I have had the fortune to be an owner of a complete set of NBS Black Label. IC, PC´s and Speaker Cables. What a miracle. I cant understand how the NBS general Mr Fields figured out the way to produce this fairytale of cables. However, thats no matter to me. What counts is the result. Thanks to theese wonderful instruments I have music in its full glory - for the first time. It live, its real and unbelievable at the same time.
anyone compared the elrod 3 PC and the NBS monitor 0 PC ?
concerning the NBS monitor 0 power cable: can i use three of them (preamp + DAC + cd-transport) ?
thanks for answering