Naxos Bruckner Symphony Set

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I would like to call members attention to an outstanding new
set of Bruckner symphonies on super budget Naxos label by
the late Georg Tintner. He tends to use the original versions of most symphonies thinking Bruckner was "talked"
into making changes that do not improve upon original concept. These performances are almost uniformly excellent, and the sound quality ranks with the best available, these may be the first choice for many people.

The price is unbeatable, $5-6 per CD. I am not a big fan of Naxos, the ones I have purchased in the past were mediocre
sound quality, with a few exceptions. This set has changed my mind about recent Naxos recordings, they seem to acheived a high standard now. Although the orchestras are not Berlin, Vienna, London etc and in some cases don't project the power/glory such groups can produce, they make up for it in other ways, giving a more intimate performance.

Bruckner can be an acquired taste, the massive "cathedrals of sound" take time to build, but the power is undeniable,
a thrilling experience. Please give these a try, anyone
else enjoy these versions?
Mega, interesting and thanks for recommending. A side question: have you heard Celibidache's Bruckner on EMI? If so, how does Tintner compare (or contrast)?

FYI - Naxos is increasingly gaining control over the whole production process.

The older releases will be 'inconsistent' while the newer ones are getting more reliable.

In any event, $6 is a bargain and allows me to 'take a flyer' on pieces that I would not do at $16 a pop.
Gregm, no have not heard Celibidache on EMI but I have heard
Jochum/EMI and easily prefer the Tintner/Naxos. Tinter has a simple/direct/powerful appraoch which stips away staid mannerisms and presents a fresh clarity to these powerful works.

I also have several Karajan perfromances, the digital Sym 8 VPO is of course a cornerstone. Also the remastered "karajan series" for EMI which include 4/7 I prefer to his later DG recordings, the EMI remasters are a great success. Also picked up remastered "Klemperer legacy" Sym 6 to replace my older Klemperer Sym 6, again a classic is enhanced. Also have some newer Wand and Chailly.
If you appreciate Bruckner, you simply MUST obtain a copy of his 9th Symphony by STANISLAW SKROWACZEWSKI and the MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA on Reference Recordings. I own virtually their entire classical catalog, and I'm here to tell you that there are no finer recordings on the planet.
Buy just one, and you'll find that the $17 price is easily justified. Any time I make a change in my system, out come the Reference Recordings, which truly live up to their name.
You can check their catalog, and order, at
Even better is the complete Skrowaczewski set on Arte Nova.The sound is more immediate than the Reference but not as detailled or atmospheric. OTOH, all the symphonies are quite excellent. More to my taste than Tintner.

Oh, they are even cheaper than the Naxos.
I recently listed to the Celi EMI recordings of Bruckner 4-9. as part of a general attempt in understanding the cult. I failed to understand the cult but I highly recommend the 4th. The 5th and 6th are OK but I would recommend staying away from 7-9. Tintner's series is good although the orchestra's limitations are annoying to me. If you prefer the original versions, Inbal's series are also performances you might check out althoughthe sound can be a little fuzzy.
I have generally always liked what Naxos has put out. Yes, some are sonically so so at times, but the performances generally are very good. Some are excellent. Can't go wrong for $6 a pop.