Navision Audio

I've been intrigued about Navision Audio's equipment, particularly, their reference CD player. Their manufacturing facility is in Viet Nam. I sent an enquiry to them but did not receive a reply. Is anyone familiar with their CD player? Why haven't they answer my question?
Maybe they don't understand English at the factory. Does Navision have an American importer? You may want to try them, or whatever importer works in your region.
i took the liberty to visit their web site. they have a north american distributor, rives audio.

several years ago, after their first visit to the us, i reviewed an early preamp and spoke to the designer. at that time, they had a plant in california.

if you read my review, at, it may provide some useful information.

since i reviewed the preamp a while ago, you may have to search for it, either under preamps, or under my name, roy harris.
I contacted Rives Audio and they wrote that they don't carry Navision Audio any longer.
Well, fortunately Navision Audio isn't the only equipment manufacturer in the world. I would take this as a sign to shop elsewhere. If you can't get any attention when you are looking to buy, you DEFINITELY won't get any attention should any service need to be performed. Walk away.
That's right.
It is spelled "navison," not "navision." If the email address you used was, they would not have received it.

-- Al
I just clicked their contact e-mail on their web site, so any mistake is ruled out.