Navigating Mac Mini with I mac

I'm thinking of buying Mac Mini and placing it on my audio rack ,so
I can move my DAC back to the main rig where it belongs , thus I would
eliminate 30' long audio interconnect cable that I'm using now.
So, my question is:can I use my I mac wireless to control the Mac mini,
so I can avoid buying another screen, key board and the mouse?
I thank all of you for your response.
Yes, you can set up screen sharing to control the Mini from the iMac. Be aware that a new Mac Mini, with the new Lion OS, is expected at any time -- perhaps even as soon as tomorrow (July 14).
I am using the "Remote" free app from iTunes to control my macmini from my iphone, old mac laptop, and ipod touch. Try it and see if you can run your macmini in "headless" mode.
Yes you can. I use a Mac Mini as a music server and perform all functions with a Macbook Air from my listening chair. Key Word "share screen"

Good Luck
I've been doing this for a couple of years now. I can't remember the specific circumstances, but I found there were times when I really needed to have a monitor hooked up to the Mini -- one would be to setup its screen sharing -- and I ended up with a small monitor and kb and mouse connected to it. But I still mostly control it remotely. After that initial setup, you might be able to do without, or there may be a different way to go about it.
My Mac Mini is in a closet, no keyboard or monitor, connected to WiFi and an external drive only. I use a free app, Chicken of the VNC, to control it from my desktop Mac for maintenance such as software upgrades and cleaning up the music library. It is running as a server for a Logitech Transporter, so I use iPeng to control the server from an iPad, but you should be able to control an iTunes, Pure Music or Amarra interface remotely through a VNC app like Chicken of the VNC. The response time was a bit slow using 801g WiFi, but I find it quite adequate after upgrading to 801n.
I use my iPad to control my headless mac mini with a VNC app. Works like a charm.
Where does your music reside now.? If it's on a Mac you can just buy an airport express and stream to it then to the Dac - I have a Mac mini on my main system and can control it with my iPad or iPhone using remote app to play a system in my library that's hook to airport express.