Nautilus 805 speaker repair

Hello everybody- 

My dad just gave me some Nautilus 805 speakers and lost the low/mid when my LFD "Mistral" amp died. The low/mid speaker is available. Any idea how hard it is to replace it? Or know of somebody good in the Sacramento area?

Thank you

The one I'm looking at, I don't know. You would have to be able to operate a screwdriver.
Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'll pull it apart later today.
Contact B&W support (, they will send you instructions on how to do the repair. Instructions often include a video showing clearly how to do the work. Just had very good experience with B&W support to replace a tweeter on N801 speakers. As an alternative, B&W support can also give you the name of a local repair shop/dealer who can do the work for you.
Thank you, I just contacted them. I watched the tweeter repair video and looked at the manual/exploded view and they seem pretty straight forward. I just don't want to screw anything up. 
It's a pretty easy plug and play procedure.
The mid/low will be here on Tuesday. Thank you.

Got it installed today, super easy, sounds great.