Nautilus 805 and signature 805 tweeter

My experience with the "regular" nautilus 805 was that its top end could be a tad metalic/hard. True, it could be something else in the playback chain but could a few people tell me if the tweeter on the sig805 could occasionally have this problem too or was it a much better tweeter? I ask this because though the 805 could sometimes show this symptom there were qualities about this speaker that i did like.
I also own the Signature 805s and yes, the tweeter is much improved over that of the N805.

Having said that... my dealer tells me a new Signature is not far from release utilizing a diamond tweeter, and for not much more coin than the original Signature. I'd wait for that audition.
The Sig 805 is quite a bit different than the N805. It uses
new drivers as well as a different crossover. I think
the enclosure was changed as well. I can't comment on the
N805 but I currently own the Signature 805's. They are
pretty revealing of downstream components and do require
some effort to get them sounding correct. If they sound bright
or hard (I've been there) I would like at your gear or your
room setup.

I've owned the N805, the signature 805 twice and the new 805S.

Only very slightly did I notice a metallic sound with the N805 tweeter. It never did bother me. Having said that, it is my personal opinion that the tweeter in the Signature 805 is quite a bit better. Smoother, more detail, and just a more refined sound. In all ways, I liked the Signature 805 over the Nautilus 805. With good reason, they are much more expensive than the nautilus.

Having said that, the 805S and the signature 805 are much closer in performance than the previous versions were. Many will say that the new 805S is better sounding than the Signature 805.

I disagree. It's personal preference, but I prefer the Signature the best out of all three. The signature to me had a fuller sound than the new 805S does. But, if the tweeter is all you are concerned about, I would audition the 805S, unless you plan to buy used.