Nautilus 803's or Genesis APM1 ? ? ?

Please help im thinking about new speakers and ive noticed that the genesis apm1's are often on sale at 1/2 or close to 1/2 of their retail price. Why is this? Is there something i should know about the apm1's. Ive heard the Nautilus 802's and 803's and REALLY like their warm sound but for just a little more than i can buy a pair of Nautilus 803's i could have a pair of apm1's. Could someone who has heard both speakers please describe the differences and give your opinions. All opinions are welcome. I currently have a pair of A/D/S MV80T's and i find them to be a little bright. I Plan to use the new speakers with my lexicon dc-1 and a sunfire cinema grand signiture amp. Any help you can provide would be apprieciated. Thanks Lee Ross
I would say the 801/802 is better competiton for the APM-1. Try before you buy - and don't base judgement on price!
I running a pair of N803 with my Levinson set up and very please with the sound. Depends on which type of music and your personal taste, I would say the N803 is very neutral and have a warm mid range. Good Luck!
i have heard the n802's and the gen apm2's. i found that the apm's did have a unique quality of sound in the mid to upper range. i did not, however, feel that i liked the integration of the subwoofer with the mids and tweets. to me, the sub did not have good rythm and was not totally in sync like a one box dynamic speaker like the 801/802. one box coherence was just not there for me. also, sometimes upper registers sounded a little metalic. yes you may save on amplification. but have to think about what you are going to use these babies for. ht or 2 channel?
I own the APM-1. It's sound is highly dependent upon setup. Because the sub is powered, it's easy to get it off by just a db or two which will hurt integration. It took me nearly 3 months of tweaking it to finally get it right. I haven't heard the 801, but I have heard the 802. It wasn't anywhere near the top of my list when buying speakers.