Nautilus 801's- Cheaper Amplification

Hello all. Would appreciate your help with the following situation. Recently purchased b&w nautilus 801's at a great price but still cleared out much of my budget. Wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding more affordable amplification for these brutes (like 3-5k for 2 used amps with at least 100 watts power ss)
from everything i have read they really do sing better with bi-ampliciation and so i am attempting to go that route.
the speakers are serving a dual role 50% ht and 50 % 2 channel
i have a sf line 1 with upgraded nos tubes
acurus act 3 with abm
rega planet cd player
thanks for your help in advance
You should definitely check out the Audio Van Alstine amps. Gobs of power with detail, and gorgeous bass. Will beat anything 2-3 times their price in pure sonic performance. If you listen with your ears, check out the new OmegaStar amps at:
Any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Happy Listening!
I know that many people put down carver designed amps, however I have using a sunfire(300 watts/ch)amp to drive my 801 ser.II's with great success. very sweet and dynamic. New 2400, used around 1000.I think that it's worth a try.
A pair of Bryston 7B-ST monoblocks can be found for around 3K used - best transferable 20 year warranty in the biz and your tube preamp would be a great match up. Lots of other good choices out there in your price range - Classe, Aragon Palladium monos, pair of older Levinsons to name a few others...
I have heard the N801's driven by an Aragon 8008BB with very nice results. The amp seemed to tame the sometimes too forward for my taste tweeter. I would assume that the Bryston amplifier line would be a good choice as well, especially if you prefer a more forward treble. I think that there are some great relatively inexpensive high current amplifiers currently available on Audiogon for under 2000. Good Luck.
Without a doubt, look into Balanced Audio Technology.
Start out with one vk500. They sell used for around 3k max.
I own the vk1000 monos and the vk50se. I am still, after 2years with my set-up very happy with my overall sound. The vk500 truly is a sleeper bargain in my opinion. I'm sure there are other great choices also.
I would choose one of the two best 5 channel amps in the world, either the California Audio Labs CL-2500 or the Theta Dreadnaught.

Excellent 2 channel and of course aweseom surround!!

Try a pair of bel canto 200.2 bridged mono - you can get a pair around 2600 or so, wonderful precise sound.
Dp37 - you have got what I have. I also have a pair of N801s, with HTM, and N805 in a five speaker home theater set up. My audio habits are also 50/50 home theater vs. 2-channel listening. I have a Krell KAV-1500 which does the job quite well. It is a 5-channel at 300 watts/channel. I use 4 channels to biamp the N801, and the fifth channel for center channel HTM. The 1500 is a very musical amp, while it also provides consistency across the front three speakers. I use a cheaper 5 channel amp to bi-amp the N805 surrounds. You can get a used Krell KAV-1500 for just a shade below $4000 on Audiogon. Good luck!