Natural, musical, dynamic phono preamp 700 used

Hello fellow analog enthusiasts. In my quest for a better phono preamp I must ask everyone this question -

If given $500-$700 to spend on a phono preamp which can run moving magnet and moving coil (or just moving coil) which would you choose?

Must be:

Tonally accurate

Not Dark or clinical/cold sounding

Replacing a Grado phono preamp which is ok, but I think I can do better and it can't do mc anyway.

Possible Contenders -

-Modded PS Audio GCPH (stock form was awful sounding imo, so the modded unit would be a leap of faith but heard they were good)

-Dynavector P75 MK2

-Sim Audio Moon 110LP (amps are too cool for me but heard their phono stage was decent)

-Used EAR 834P (getting on in age so not sure about this one)

Probably more I am not aware of, hence the reason for the thread.

Thanks and Peace
People seem to go on and on about the Graham Slee's, anyone know if they are really "that" good?
Much of this of course is subjective and IMO and IMHO, FWIW and the like but with so many phono pre's out there to choose from the options are overwhelming. Maybe someone knows of a little gem of a phono pre out there that falls in range of my budget.
My response would be a Used JLTI phono..( without added power supply ) ..Very Dynamic,sweet and musical and sounds similar to a tube phono..Usually used prices around $800 ..
Thorman, thanks. Heard good things about the JLTI also but never seen one on the used market.
Get a Jolida JD9 brand new about $500.00 and put $200.00 worth of mods into it. See JD9 thread on audiokarma re mods. Great phono preamp for the money.