Nativ Sound Vita

Has anyone actually USED or does anyone OWN a Nativ Sound Vita???

Great looking product and occasionally they have promos that get the price down .. a Mac Mini might be cheaper but the Nativ is more attractive (to my eyes anyway) and I am looking for a music only product not something to surf the net or use for spreadsheets

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any news on the software issues as of 12/2018 ?
Sarjan has a review scheduled for the Nativ and someone emailed him about some QC issues with his unit and the poor response he got from Nativ. The person provided photos of the insides because the unit's screen separated from the unit and revealed some pretty shoddy build quality inside, including the use of Velcro to hold some things in place.

Since the 6moons site update, I can no longer find the reader's warning or the photos to link to. I'd due some due diligence to make sure issues are addressed.

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The one that had QC issues is mentioned everywhere. I hope mine is a better example of the norm. Mine has been rock solid physically. It also sounds great and has more input/output/streaming/and/software options than anything that I know of - plus it looks great and the interactive screen works extremely well and the software for sorting/selecting/playing/settings etc. is very intuitive, fast, and useful. Customer service has also been very responsive and the software is constantly improved. What don't I like? The remote is hit or miss on my unit; there are occasional software glitches but nothing a restart and/or the next update don't resolve; editing meta data from the unit has some nuisances (but I'm hoping and expecting they will get around to fixing those).
I just purchase a Nativ Vita but have not received it yet is there any one on the forum that is using it and can give me some hands on experience with the unit.
I own the entire set, the Player, DAC, Powersuppy and ripper. I am on my second player now and when everything works it is great, just those times seem rare. 

If if anyone wants entire setup, all four pieces with stands will sell for $1250, major loss, but I am done.