Nativ Sound Vita

Has anyone actually USED or does anyone OWN a Nativ Sound Vita???

Great looking product and occasionally they have promos that get the price down .. a Mac Mini might be cheaper but the Nativ is more attractive (to my eyes anyway) and I am looking for a music only product not something to surf the net or use for spreadsheets


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I have one.  I originally couldn't get my music to load on to it.  I have my music stored on my HTPC.  I tried using the DLNA option to stream it but it would never work with consistency.  It could have been my internet.  I then tried to use an external hard drive via usb to load my music onto the installed hard drive.  I probably did it 10 times and it crashed every single time.

After the most recent update, the problem has been solved and mine works great.  I don't have any DSD music so I can't speak to that.  

My biggest complaint is that, without an app, it really isn't all that convenient.  There is a remote but that requires you sitting close enough that you can read the screen.  Otherwise, you need to use the touch screen.  They are working on an app and have shown some samples of it.  Once that is finalized, it should be a great device.  

They have been fairly responsive to feedback and suggestions.  Their updates don't come fast enough though.

For me, it is not worth $1600.  But if you can pick one up for $750ish, I think they are a great deal considering the market for streamers these days.
What goes without saying is, it is GORGEOUS!!!  It really completes my two channel set up.