Natalie Merchant Fans

Get her latest "House Carpenters Daughter" - folk, bluegrass - recorded great.
Pops- I generally like her music, though Motherland was fairly poor- is it better/different then Motherland??
Cool, thnx for the update. Is it HDCD encoded?

Tire, you alive? :>)


Thanks for the tip. I love her albums - even "Motherland".

The more Natalie Merchant the merrier. Thanx!
I'm Johnny Mnemonic and I'm on it :^)
Ditto Tireguy's comments on Motherland. This had darn well better not suck, too or I'll have to give her a piece of my mind.
Hey Pmkalby,

Better be careful or you might end up having 10,000 Maniac's after you....

I just kill myself sometimes.

I only own one Natty Cd, Tigerlilly but man that's a great recording! If I wanted to purchase a couple more what would you recomend? And please leave the maniacs out of it.
Glen, I think you'd definitely enjoy "Ophelia" if you liked "Tigerlilly." And although some people didn't like it, I rather enjoyed "Motherland." I will admit though, the first time I heard it, I didn't care for it. But I kept playing it just to see if it would grow on me, and it has, a great deal.

And Pops, thanks for the headsup. Will look for her new CD next time I'm at Towers.
I love her,,Motherland to,just got House Carpenters Daughter after a few listens fell in love with it
SERIOUSLY AWESOME DISC. Don't catagorize it as "Natalie Merchant" music. This is a disc of old traditional american tunes, a history study. But these songs have been arranged in such a grand manner, with shifts and swings. I never get bored at anytime throughout the entire discs.
Big fan as well however I think Motherland is her best!