Nat Cole's "Love is the Thing" on Groove Note

Has anybody heard this new pressing? How does it compare to the legendary DCC reissue? I heard the DCC pressing at a friend's house. He paid $150 for the sealed copy and I think it's worth every precious penny! The sound was absolutely breathtaking! I have never heard a male singing voice reproduced so realistically! If Groove Note's effort is just as good, then it's time for a celebration! I'll buy two, one to play and one for a safety copy.
I just bought one yesterday. It won't get here for a few days. I will say though that I own 5 or 6 groove note lp's. All of them are among the best recordings I have.

I highly recommend the label. Highly.

You're absolutely right about the Groove Note's LP's. That's why I have high hopes for this pressing. BTW did you hear Jacintha's "Jacintha is Her Name" album? The sound is nothing short of revelatory! Please let us know how you like the sound of "Love is the Thing".

The DCC is definitely an awesome sounding disc and perhaps Steve Hoffman's best along with the Elvis 24K. There are also two other Nat gold DCC titles which are excellent just in case one has money to burn.:)

The gold DCCs are tube mastered recordings which sets them apart from all other Nat recordings I've heard. It would be interesting to see if the Groove Note mastering does the same.

I rec'd the Groove Note Nat King Cole today. I've only listened to one side. It's pretty darn good. Right up there with the rest of the Groove Notes. Some of the violins are spooky in their realism...

It's worth $29.