NAT Audio any experiences?

Hello All

This is a relatively unknown company in US from Europe but recently it has been getting some attention.
I am looking into upgrading my preamp and amp and was looking into the possibility of getting their Plasma preamp and Se2se parallel SE amp. My speakers are Tannoy's which are relatively efficient, hence willing to try out a SE amp.
Any feedback or opinion would be appreciated. They have few reviews out there and were very positive.
I do own NAT Symmetrical although I wanted to their Utopia which is single ended only.
NAT sound is extremely real, with deadly attack at the leading edge of the notes, ultra dynamic and extra lively.
It does sound like real music never heard before.
I have compared it to my BAT 51SE, which is also an excellent preamp, but I prefer the NAT realism.
The price is really good for this product.
I was ordering a BAT REX and dealer strongly suggest the NAT and if I do not like the NAT he will give full credit against the REX.
With this said and NAT being an unknown, people, would never know what they are losing.