Nasty Static on Vinyl

Help, Help
I am getting static like crazy even when my amp is muted. Trying to problem solve this and could use anyone’s help.
I have been resurrecting my record collection and adding new records. Replacing all the inner sleeves with MoFi sleeves and outer sleeves as well to protect the covers. It’s very strangle that some of my records have crazy amounts of pops and clicks which is definitely static. So much so that the static comes through even when the amp is muted. Some play fine. Purchased Dire Straits Brothers in Arms MoFi and Wes Montgomery at the Blue Note, totally unplayable!
Ive tried bathing them in distilled water, cleaning them, nothing. Gonna buy a zerostat and I hope that helps. Driving me crazy that I can’t listen to my collection. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Check your interconnects between the amp and preamp for continuity of ground. Also make sure you have your tonearm properly grounded to the phono stage. 
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