Nas migration from desktop to new Nucleus!

How hard is doing a migration via nas where roon backup is located on an external drive, vs directly connecting a thumb drive with backup?

nas approach seems highly detailed
I think people on the roon community forums could probably help you out.
This is not helpful.  Have read migration from nas is not easy.
 Migration process not well described.  Their support is not been very good.
Questions about migration don’t reach the community. Stay with support. So hard to get feedback and help
I don't know what to suggest then.  The link I provided is fairly simple to follow on how to move your existing database and point the new one to your music. 
Here are a couple of threads from roon community forums that came up when I searched for the title of this thread.  I don't know if these will help.  I'm not a computer guy.

Nucleus + Migration Failed

How do I access desktop ex5 hard drive to set up nucleus