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I have a Marantz 8805 and a Tidal premium subscription and nothing else.  No computer, no media server nothing.  I use Atoll AM400 amplification through Focal 1038 BE speakers. I have a budget of $5K and want to invest ideally in a single unit that I can rip my 500+ CD’s, play them and stream tidal.  I’m 55 and I am more interested in just enjoying music.  I have an iPad  that I use to control tidal through the 8805.  What single box unit might meet my needs best? This is all very confusing for am old school guy.  Thanks  
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Check out the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  One of the best media servers/streamers on the market.  With a 2TB SSD Drive you will be under $5k.
You don't need anything to stream Tidal it is built in to the Marantz piece.

You also don't need a ripper, your collection is pretty small, you have a few options:

1: send your CD's to a commercial ripping service and for .80cents to $1.10 you can have your CDs professionally burned to a usb hard drive which you burn to a Nas and you are good to go, you might not need a Nas if the Marantz can read directly from the USB drive

2: Buy a Lumin which is a streaming dac which does accept a direct usb hard drive and the Lumin sounds amazing far superior to the Marantz. Great app easy to use built in Tidal, Qobuzz, Spotify, Airplay, and it can read the USB direct see above.

If this is confusing please feel free to reach out to us, computer audio is our specialty.

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The best solution for under or around 5k would be:
get a used Mac mini with 2-2 TB external disks for ripping/backup
get a lifetime subscription to Roon 
get a ps audio ds jr dac.

Don’t spend $500 to have somebody rip your cd’s, download the free app MAX and rip each cd to 1 of the 2TB disks. It takes a few minutes to rip a cd. The other 2TB disk will be used to backup your music.
There is no interface that betters Roon for playing ripped music or streaming Tidal. Tidal runs on your Mac and your iPad.
You never want to place a computer/streamer device in your audio room and you don’t want to use USB. The ps audio ds jr dac comes with a network card built in and the dac is FPGA based which allows Ted Smith who develops the dac code for ps audio to better the dac code every 6 months for no charge. This dac is highly rated and supports all formats including MQA. The Mac mini can be nowhere in your house as long as it’s not in your audio room and the ds jr dac is connected to your network.
Very simple and sounds great