NAS connected digital streamer with digital out?

Title says it all. Does this product exist, beyond Naims Uniti serve SSD? Want a couple for around the house, where I already have d/a sources.

The Squeezebox line of products does this. Connects to NAS via ethernet or wireless (wired ethernet preferred, especially if streaming high-res). Offers both coax and TOSlink digital outputs.
The Pro-Ject Stream Box DS has digital and analog outputs. It's also very convenient for listening to Internet radio. It looks and sounds good, is a convenient size and is reasonably priced.

The Linn Majik DS and Linn Sneaky Music DS also have digital outputs in addition to their analogue outputs. These are more expensive than the Pro-Ject unit, and the Sneaky Music DS includes built-in stereo amplifier.

All in all these are units that sound great at three different price points and in three different form factors. I hope that one works for you.
What are you trying to play? Ripped CDs or high def files? The reason that I am asking is that there are two streaming players in the lower price range that come to mind. The first being the Squeezebox touch and the other being a Sonos.

The advantages of the Squeezebox are that it is capable of playing hi rez files and can be controlled via infrared remote, in addition to other wireless methods (iPad, iPod, etc.). The downside to the Squeezebox is that it can be tempermental. I've had to reset mine three times in the last week. For some inexplicable reason, it has quit playing my files downloaded from iTunes and it doesn't want to let me onto MOG. Setting it up to work with an NAS is also a bit more involved.

The Sonos won't play any files over 16 bit with a sampling rate greater than 48khz, but other than that it is rock solid. I've never had to reset mine and the software is also very refined. Another downside to the Sonos is that it cannot be controlled via infrared remote. All control is via a computer app or an app for iPad, iTouch or some other gadget over wireless. The setup for pulling files off of an NAS is also so easy that even a caveman can do it.

If you don't need the hi rez capabilities, I'd go for the Sonos. It's bullet proof and has caused me far fewer headaches than the Squeezebox has. With music ripped from CDs, I can't tell the difference between the units.
Thanks for the responses. I am looking for the highest quality I can justify. I wouldn't want the Sonos. I was drawn to the Transporter SE, with its Aes/ebu digital out, but I don't understand the Nas situation with squeezebox and the Transporter. Seems like you need a pc to get the system to work ?

I found this, which looked promising. But they seem to be out of commission or no longer in business.

Then there is this. Which seems perfect.
But they openly admit that the nas connection is compromise. Also, several would be pretty steep.

It seems the manufacturers that offer a streaming only product (so no D/A function) are the manufacturers that believe pulling data reduces the sound quality. Bryston makes something that would be perfect, but it won't pull from a NAS and soon Lessloss will make similar sd card player... I would note the guy Auraliti designed Brystons player!

Then you have manufacturers such as Naim, Meridian and Linn that swear by the NAS access platform, but won't produce a streaming product, but insist in including their d/a process internally, with an optional coaxial bypass...

I will assume I am in the distinct minority, but I would prefer my own separate DAC, as technology changes...
If you are assuming that you are in the minority because you want to use an external DAC, I'd have to say that you are wrong.

I any case, I suppose your options would greatly depend upon the amount of money that you want to throw at this.

Many here run a Squeezebox Touch. It's cheap, it can sound very good, can handle high res files up to 24bit 192khz, and is compatible with a wide range of file formats (which most of the "higher end" models aren't).

Although it is a bit quirky on occasion, it is a very good bang for the buck. For what its worth, the Touch is on Computer Audiophile's list of suggested hardware. I run mine pulling files off of an NAS and really like the results that I get.

You have convinced me. Seems like there are a set of"setup" mods that turn off the wireless functions and others, then I notice CI Audio has an upgraded power supply. Do you use any of these?

At the same time, I am going to listen to this Aurender unit. Seems like it gets a lot of buzz. I really want the Aes/ebu output! Though a high price to pa for such an ioption. My experience with transports is that it makes a difference.
Transporter or Touch.

You can run the server-side software on several NAS, without need for a PC. Many do.

You need some facility with computers, or a friend with such. Nothing major, but some.
If you do go with a Logitech product in conjunction with an NAS and plan to run the server software on the NAS, just keep in mind that the software system requirements do apply for the NAS. When shopping for an NAS, I'd get one with at least a 1.5ghz processor and at least 256mb of ram, with 512mb being better.
You are not a minority in using an external DAC. Linn Akurate DS (the new version) has S/PDIF (BNC) digital output. There is an option to completely bypass the upsampling within Linn DS and just extract raw digital music data and feed to your DAC (do the upsampling at the external DAC). Or, you can setup the DS to output fixed sample rate of 88/96kHz as one option or fixed sample of 176/192kHz as another option.

I am currently feeding the 'raw' output from Akurate DS and upsampling it using an external DAC and getting phenomonal results. All my music is in FLAC format in a NAS - I am using Linn's (very user friendly) Kinsky control software to stream data via TwonkyMedia server (laptop, iPhone, iPad etc. to control the DS).

Akurate is a more expensive option than Linn Majik DS or Sneaky. But I think the Majik and Sneaky come with S/PDIF (RCA) co-axial version and I prefered the BNC since it sounded better than RCA. Unfortunantely, Linn does not manufacture DS units with AES/EBU digital output or a streamer only unit (without a built-in DAC). Hope this info helps...
Thanks for the feedback. Linn is on the list!

Has anyone seen the MOON 180 MiND. Seems very interesting and certainly a bit of a value. Has anyone heard this?

Thank you