narrowing down my decision

I've narrowed down my choices for my CDP upgrade and am looking for some advice to give me that final push so I can just pull the trigger already.
System is a Cayin TA-30 w/B&W602 monitors, primarily used for classic rock.
1) OnixXCD88/MusicHallMMF25 w/level 1 mod
2) Audio Mirror or Bel Canto Dac with my existing player as transport.
Last time I discussed my upgrade path most people were leaning towards a DAC, but if there's anyone that has had experience with any of these units, especially with push-pull tube amplification, I'd love to hear about it. Also, are the low four digit price tagged DACs like the Tri-Vista, etc, really all that much better than "budget" pieces like the Audio Mirror, Bel Canto, or Benchmark?
If you buy the Audio Mirror once you listen to it after it has broken in you will not consider it a budget piece. You will consider it a great deal. I used mine with a Cary V12i 50 watt triode push-pull amp and it worked fabulously. My transport is an Alesis ML9600 modified by TRL. So in terms of $$$ my digital set-up might be budget, but in terms of sound it plays like a lot more than that.

Also, should you decide to uprade the DAC in the future the Audio Mirror can be taken to an entirely different level with TRL mods which I had done to mine. I was actually able to compare the modded unit to a stock unit I had. You can read the review here on Audiogon. I saved me a lot of money versus buying an DAC of equivalent sound quality.
Look for a Kora Hermes. It is killer and you will be happy.
I have tried many Dac's over time. The Kora is in a leauge of its own. The Bel Canto is not even on the same planet as the Kora.