Narrowed it down to two Monitors, Dyn Heritage Special, or Wilson Tune Tot

Have listened to alot of monitors thus far and finally about to land this Jumbo Jet...I am auditioning the Heritage now, they are excellent. I have the Wilson Tune Tots coming in to be able to make a comparison. Just wondering if anyone has heard the Tune Tot and what their impressions of it were. I have not heard Wilsons in many years so my audible memory of them is really useless at this point since I think they changed design. I do prefer a sweet mid range and I am ok with some treble as long as it's not going to slice my face off. Mainly looking to get the most out of my DAC and Amp at this point. 

Dynaudio really knocked on out of the park with the Heritage, but I feel I need to at least give the Wilson a listen before I end my search. I am not looking to get into conversations what things cost, it's not an evaluation on the value of the speakers, just the sound and if 

My gear is as follows: 

Sugden Integrated (Class A)
MSB Discrete DAC
REL T5 Sub
You are a know troll on these forums...Your reputation precedes you. Take it elsewhere man, no one in interested. With the exception of you. 
You must do yourself a favour and listen to the Dynaudio Heritage Special.  Outstanding speaker.  Sorry, no experience with the Tune Dot. 
I tend to buy alot of gear as I have four systems at home and one at my office. Something is always changing because, hey its fun and its a hobby. I have two pair of Tunetots: one pair at home and one pair at work. Other speakers that I own/owned recently: Harbeth 30.2, Audio Note an/e-spe he, Devore O96. 
I demo’d the Heritage Specials at the Wilson / Dynaudio dealer last month. They are exceptional. The Dynaudios are a really balanced speaker and depending on your tastes/placement and room, the sub could be optional. The Tunetots are really nice, placement is very versatile and they really can be placed in a bookshelf or directly up against the wall. Dont let the specs fool you, in my room they go much deeper than the specs. You cant go wrong with either but they are different....the Wilsons are more sensitive and tunable with placement. They image like crazy. I have a kef kc62 sub with the pair at home, no sub at work. I will have a pair of HS in a couple of weeks and will be able to shed more light then.

Based on my limited time with the HS and my experience with the Tunetots, price not a factor, the Tunetot is a better speaker in my opinion. Its very subjective though. Others may see it the other way. Both can be a destination speaker, especially if you enjoy and can properly integrated a sub/subs. Best wishes.