Narrowed it down to two Monitors, Dyn Heritage Special, or Wilson Tune Tot

Have listened to alot of monitors thus far and finally about to land this Jumbo Jet...I am auditioning the Heritage now, they are excellent. I have the Wilson Tune Tots coming in to be able to make a comparison. Just wondering if anyone has heard the Tune Tot and what their impressions of it were. I have not heard Wilsons in many years so my audible memory of them is really useless at this point since I think they changed design. I do prefer a sweet mid range and I am ok with some treble as long as it's not going to slice my face off. Mainly looking to get the most out of my DAC and Amp at this point. 

Dynaudio really knocked on out of the park with the Heritage, but I feel I need to at least give the Wilson a listen before I end my search. I am not looking to get into conversations what things cost, it's not an evaluation on the value of the speakers, just the sound and if 

My gear is as follows: 

Sugden Integrated (Class A)
MSB Discrete DAC
REL T5 Sub

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@twoleftears I bet..I heard the Spendors, they're wonderful if not a little hard to drive. I probably should give them a listen if it's no sweat off my back for an in-home audition.  
You are a know troll on these forums...Your reputation precedes you. Take it elsewhere man, no one in interested. With the exception of you. 
Very true Roxy54..Excellent point!

I can look into them, I have a friend who makes incredible speakers too. I had his lower model in here and they were Fantastic. Beat the pants off the Audiovector R1s, and Dyn Special 40s.  I have tried some smaller speaker makers in an effort to pursue just that, the sound. The Heritage will likely be where I stop, but thought maybe I should add the Wilson since I hear good things. Although Wilson elicit's some divisive opinions, I think because of the cost, which I totally get. 
@erik_squires I agree on the TT resale, not the Dyns, they tend to hold better, especially those models in short supply like the HS. Resale isnt driving my decision, it's truly the sound, but some of the lesser known names drop in value and are hard to move it you wanted to. I get your point on spending less though. Appreciate the advice for sure. 

@ghasley thank you so much for your input , super helpful! I have the Heritage Special, I actually went ahead and bought them today so they're mine now. I coordinating bringing in a traveling set of TTs from Wilson so I can have a listen. If I like them I get full trade up value to the TTs so I am not worried either way. You are going to like the HS, they really are quite nice, and obviously I can't compare the two and have zero audible memory of Wilsons sound but I will be interested to hear your impressions of them. Like really interested!