Narrow tuner.

Does anyone know of a narrow (8.5 inches) wide am/fm tuner with decent sound? Tubes would be nice, but not essential. I'm looking for something that could be put onto a shelf next to a Musical Fidelity x-can v.3.
I think some of the older Luxman tuners might fill your need. Goodluck,John
The only tuner I'm aware of that narrow is the Teac T-H300, 8 1/2 x 3 3/4 x 12 inches. It lists for $200, but Amazon can find it for about $100. I don't know how it sounds, but I'm skeptical that it's more than mid-fi at best. On the other hand, your limiting factor for fidelity could still be the quality of the broadcast.
Musical Fidelity X-Plora.
eBay an older KLH tuner that is shaped like a box there should be lots of them there. They came in a tube format when they were new, and a retube and alignment should provide outstanding sound. Or, a restored Dynaco FM-3.
If Tumbler is referring to the KLH 18 tuner from the late 1960s, it came only in a solid-state version, never with tubes.

I think Parasound (check their website) has a tuner that will fit into your space. sells Parasound.
The Bogen TP-100 is an amazing small tuner, one of the best and inexpensive.